“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Charlean in a volunteer capacity since 2005. She has been an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer for our Youth Outreach Programs offered by SHRM – Atlanta and took over the Chair position in 2010. She brings a world of professionalism and energy to each class she facilitates and the students leave her classes energized and excited about their futures. She has been instrumental at coordinating the spring and fall events with the city and ensuring the program is successful every time. It is leaders like her that help inspire our future leaders.” – Tina Spencer, Director of Human Resources at Easycare (APCO)


I’ve had many interactions with Charlean on issues from corporate initiatives to day to day problem solving. Charlean is uniquely qualified for her role as a manager for the region. She has the ability to “get into the weeds” and look at important details as well as adopting a strategic “big picture focus. I’ve found Charlean to be a pleasure to work with—she maintains a great attitude under the most demanding conditions and brings a high degree of professionalism and integrity to her role at Right. I’m glad to have her as part of our leadership team.” – Diane Crompton, Career Coach, Branding Strategist | Career Management, Job Search, Executive Coaching, LinkedIn & Social Media Expert


“Charlean is one of those rare individuals you know once in a career that consistently exceeds expectations daily. She steps up to challenges and does so with grace and efficiency. I consider Charlean one of the best “trusted partners” I have been fortunate to know–she embodies the values of trustworthiness, adds daily value to her manager, her team and the firm, and is always forward looking.”- Kathy Mazzanti, Business Operations Executive Leader